First Year Courses


A particularly exciting course is this introductory level one course. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the world on Anthropology, its unique approaches, methodologies and perspectives on the human condition. Students will learn about the two major strands in Anthropology: the study of humanity's physical inheritance (Physical Anthropology) and the study of humanity's social and cultural inheritance (Socio-cultural Anthropology). From this the various sub-fields of the discipline will be introduced, including current scientific theories about the origins and evolution of the human species and how diverse people have adapted to their environments in the past and continue to adapt today through the development of culture and technology. Case studies are used to illustrate diversity as well as similarities in human social organization around the world.


This course gives students a broad overview of the archaeology, history, geography, economy and socio-cultural dynamics of the African continent. No matter your career path, graduates of this university will increasingly be required to interact with companies, organizations and individuals from other African countries. As South Africa becomes better integrated as part of the fabric of Africa, this course will help you to better understand what being an African all is about. It could be included in any programme that you choose to study.

Culture and Society in Africa provides students from all faculties with background knowledge about the continent on which they live. The course includes an examination of the concepts of culture, race, society, ethnicity and nation-state, a perspective on African worldviews and ways of thought, and a consideration of the role of Africa in a changing world. The course is recommended for students who understand the importance of locating themselves, their society and South Africa's political and economic relations within an African and global context.

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